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Welcome to The-Digital-Photo.com! I love teaching others about photography tips and tricks. Currently I am based in Owingsville Kentucky, and I am available for taking portraiture, events, real estate and product photography. Contact me for pricing and dates. 

I spent 8 years learning about photography in China. I traveled all around with a camera. I'm crazy about photography. I love everything about photography from image capture, to processing, and photo finishing (printing). I also love to teach others how to accomplish their goals and dreams with a camera. I will be updating the site to include new articles and tips as I have time. 

I do not provide scientific lab tests for cameras, lenses, or accessories. I focus on real world usage. Choosing the right camera for your needs to accomplish your goal is more important than endless scientific data sheets. I don't preach the manufacturer's motto about how you need more expensive gear to take better photos. This is rubbish thrown at consumers just to sell more equipment and software. My approach to reviews and teaching is by showing real world examples of different cameras and software from cheap to moderately expensive. Look through my pages and galleries. If you like what you see, check the captions and comments to see what gear I used and sometimes an explanation of the technique used behind the scenes.

The first thing you need to take good photos is confidence. Use the camera you have first, and learn its limitations before you consider buying something new. I started out years ago with Kodak 126 and 110 cameras and still managed to coax wonderful images out of their limited resolution. These days, I carry my camera everywhere possible. On the off chance I don't have my camera with me and a great opportunity arises, I use my iPhone SE just the same as my DSLR. There will be more examples coming later.

For questions regarding my website or if you want to license a photo, please contact me on andrew@the-digital-photo.com (Please do not ask camera related technical questions, I will post information related to the gear on the photo pages). You can also follow me on Facebook or Flickr

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  • Shelby Harmon Jackson

    on October 3, 2013

    Looks nice and professional. Love the initial page that shows up as a camera! The about page is very professionally laid out with a pleasant feel of the wording without coming off as being pushy but friendly, as on a one on one more personal level. The major plus of the entire page, is that I get to see my baby girl's pictures and watch her grow :) Auntie Loves you P.J.
    Sir, you asked for my opinion and here it is. As always, as honest as possible